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Welcome to the official ET: Legacy wiki. This wiki serves as a reference for anyone who uses ET: Legacy, be it as a player, server owner or developer.

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ET Legacy

Everything you need to know about ET: Legacy

FAQFeaturesSystem RequirementsCompatible ModsChangelogReleasesCreditsLicense


Building instructions, coding manuals and everything else development-related

Coding ConventionsCommitting CodeLibrariesLocalizationPackagingReleasing


Instructions for players who want to learn more about ET: Legacy

InstallationPimping the ClientRenderer2List of CvarsList of CommandsList of Vsays


Instructions for server owners who want to run their server with ET: Legacy

InstallationUpdating Servers to ET: LegacyOmni-botLuaWolfAdminList of CvarsList of CommandsList of Lua Scripts


Information which is particularly useful for modders, mappers and other developers

Useful LinksGame LimitsMod DevelopmentMapping and TexturesFreeTypeLua Scripting


Pages which are mostly relevant for community members

IR4T4s notesRadegasts notesSpyhawks notes