Windows Installation Guide

Windows Installer

The Windows installer installs the whole ET: Legacy universe. It will download the original W:ET assets if they are not found on your computer.

Don’t try to overwrite an existing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation. Choose a different folder!
Also, don’t try to overwrite previous ET: Legacy versions.

You will find your etkey, profile folder and all downloaded files (such as custom maps and mods) in the My Documents\ETLegacy directory.

Windows Binaries

The Windows binaries package simply includes the ET: Legacy files.

  • Get the Windows binaries package.
  • Uncompress the archive to any desired folder.

In order to run ET: Legacy you’ll need to copy assets from an original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation.
Download them legally and for free from the official Splash Damage website.

  • Copy the pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 files to etmain in the directory you previously created (which contains ET:L bins).