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00:14 ET: Legacy Development Revision cc50fcc9: renderer2: this fixes stencil shadows not drawing
18:59 ET: Legacy Development Revision 5cad58f1: renderer2: fix compiler warning, refs #1389
18:37 ET: Legacy Development Revision 1aedfbf1: renderer2: fix more compiler warnings
18:35 ET: Legacy Development Revision 92232467: qcommon: fix compiler warning
warning C4334: '<<' : result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits (was 64-bit shift intended?)
18:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision 818318be: client: dirty fix for buflen bufferoverflow, refs #1389
I did failed why some #define macro could lost his assigned value thus causing more issue with Q_strncpy() in LAN_Get...


22:30 ET: Legacy Development Task #1389 (New): Windows 64bit Support for ETL
Let add 64bit support for Windows and there is a reason and prove for make it happen.
Whenever i do devmap some ma...


13:11 ET: Legacy Development Revision 379fcdec: qcommon: better solution for fixing possible segfault error. Some clean up, re...
12:55 ET: Legacy Development Revision a9ea5f1e: Revert "qcommon: fix possible segfault, when name was set with special charact...
This reverts commit 0e27d998d9cd21fc1fde35ec8d8cc6325c5d5d05.
12:23 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0e27d998: qcommon: fix possible segfault, when name was set with special characters this...


23:37 ET: Legacy Development Task #1361 (New): Port of ET Legacy to Android compatible Devices
Most of the work has been done and Game is running at Android Phones.
Current Supported arch/API Devices:
bq. ar...

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