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18:49 ET: Legacy Development Revision a22ab65f: cgame: minor cleanup, refs #1292
18:03 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1298 (Can't reproduce): Incorrect screenshot resolution when Windows' scaling is used
Can't reproduce on latest Windows 10.
12:42 ET: Legacy Development Revision 4e156fed: cgame: added client console feedback for shoutcaster status change, refs #1292


23:56 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1368: Fov different when spectating with set weapons
Better fix by ryven. Note however that the z position isn't fixed, as it can't be easily derived (same as etpro, whic...
23:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1368 (Fixed): Fov different when spectating with set weapons
Applied in changeset commit:f3c5e20adbbc9df86153c86e415b2475da31929c.
23:32 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1371 (New): Steps move is not smooth for followers
When running up (or down) a staircase, the player view is smoothed out to feel more natural and not "jumpy". However,...
21:15 ET: Legacy Development Revision f3c5e20a: Revert "mod: fixed set weapons position not sent to followers, fixes #1368"
This reverts commit 2724e2b5dc48e844aa28edf046eada4beda94f16.
This breaks backward compatibility.
20:45 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1368 (In Progress): Fov different when spectating with set weapons
Reopening. Client (master) is dropped with "Invalid entityState field count" when connecting to existing servers.
20:35 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1370 (New): Output clean logs by default
Logs are polluted by colour codes (caret symbol). Clean these before generating logs.
* Ensure com_ainsi still wor...
20:25 ET: Legacy Development Feature #173: CamTrace3D Support
Check Warsow code. They seem to have built-in camtrace-like support.

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