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11:39 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1337: Hand hint icon appears even when the action can not be performed
I guess the distance check should be slightly adjusted.
11:38 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1288 (In Progress): Weapon disappear after being revived
11:38 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1336: Automatic redirect when server is full
Redirection feature is disabled on purpose, wince it can be easily misused to force players to redirect to a specific...


13:11 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1265 (In Progress): Add built-in spawn points selector
* Check if listing all spawnpoints right away is possible (some are discovered on the next frame only or smt...


23:27 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1281 (In Progress): ingame_main.menu "ADD TO FAVORITES" button
Not working yet. The button can be used to remove favorite, but not for adding them.
23:12 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1265 (Fixed): Add built-in spawn points selector
Applied in changeset commit:185b8560670926b1677d3414c7d880172835d641.
23:09 ET: Legacy Development Revision 185b8560: mod: added dynamic spawnpoint selection menu, fixes #1265
15:05 ET: Legacy Development Revision 57c39c61: cgame: fixed /listspawnpt autospawn team assignment, refs #506
Also ajusted Allies color for better readability


20:21 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1261: Built-in class selector support for secondary weapon selecton
* adjust class selection command to allow secondary weapon selection too.
20:16 ET: Legacy Development Revision e5739cfe: ui: added secondary weapon to menu selection, ref #1261

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