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21:16 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1254 (Feedback): Airstrike and artillery per-minute limitations
Looks like the default scaling algorithm (used by etpro, and by Legacy with default team_maxAirtrike and team_maxArti...


15:15 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1291 (Fixed): Scale crosshair health depending on maximum current health
Closing now. Please comment/reopen if additional work is required.
13:04 ET: Legacy Development Revision 6e02b0e7: libs: updated to latest libs


00:49 ET: Legacy Development Revision f9310bdd: cgame: lock teams for shoutcaster and add debriefing status, refs #1292
23:48 ET: Legacy Development Revision 320a59e8: cgame: fixed command map update when sent to limbo, refs #1292
18:59 ET: Legacy Development Revision 740e44a6: cgame: adjusted reinforcement timer alignment, refs #1292
15:02 ET: Legacy Development Revision caec9425: cgame: fixed simple items colour when following, refs #1290
13:34 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1149: Add fonts per language loading
Alternatively, check for replacement of Courrier Prime by Tino, a Liberation Serif variation that has support for Cyr...


16:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision 21730c37: cgame: fixed simple items coloration for ammo pack and opposite team weapons, ...
16:27 ET: Legacy Development Revision 036e1fb5: cgame: do not colour simple items for spectators, refs #1290

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