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16:50 ET: Legacy Development Bug #264: Bugged Compass and Commandmap
I haven't reproduced this issue at my ET: Legacy 2.71 RC1 & No Quarter 1.2.9 Beta6 & Omni-Bots 0.82 Linux server (78....


13:32 ET: Legacy Development Bug #260: Alt key in combination with any other key causes the Critical Stop sound
Remark: Some like this happen on the Linux client (not only on the Legacy mod) if my shortcut for keyboard language c...
12:59 ET: Legacy Development General discussion: RE: etlegacy.com servers
ET: Legacy 2.71 RC1 & No Quarter 1.2.9 Beta6 Server
We pl...
12:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #270 (Fixed): Wrong server cvar g_protectLog at etl_server.cfg
Change g_protectLog to sv_protectLog (2.71rc1 Linux)...

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