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17:54 ET: Legacy Development Bug #471: Can't switch the player you spectate when the current player is in reinforcement queue
Saukko wrote:
> Hey and long time no see!
> I started to investigate this issue and have actually found the cau...
17:52 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1172: Reduce damage and knock-back dealt by grenades/rifle grenades/explosives
Spyhawk wrote:
> * -Check aistrike canister damage. It seems somewhat overpowered (note: smoke canister h...


18:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1212: Disable flying rifle grenade sound
Little analyze : in the code below, the riflenade shoot sound is called like this (from CG_Missile in cg_ents.c) : <p...


08:54 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0626bab1: game: fix arty / airstrike can't go throw some sky surface


14:05 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0c6526c9: cgame: possible fix random switching of weapons, refs #1203


16:35 ET: Legacy Development Revision 52219af4: cgame: add cg_visualEffects cvar to turn the visibility of global visual effec...


23:45 ET: Legacy Development Revision c2d8c122: qcommon: remove useless cvar reference check causing unwanted null check (cove...
23:33 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0f049be6: cgame: fix potential Out-of-bounds read on debug event print (coverity)
23:31 ET: Legacy Development Revision 632942da: game: fix flamer direction was not normalized at start (coverity)
23:21 ET: Legacy Development Revision eba32c9d: cgame: fix potential out-of-bounds read in ammo prediction code (coverity)

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