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21:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1400 (New): cabinets unable to be setstated underconstruction
The entities `misc_cabinet_supply` and `misc_cabinet_health` cannot be setstate underconstruction.
If done, they sim...


10:04 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1399 (New): explosive-damage-only func_constructibles rebuilt without healthbar
Func_constructibles can have constructible_class 1, 2 or 3 (1 = explosive damage; 2=Satchel; 3=Dynamite )
When usi...


20:31 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1398 (Fixed): unassigned cursorHint for func_invisible_user
When a `func_invisible_user` entity doesn't have a `cursorHint` key assigned, the game uses the `HINT_ACTIVATE` hint ...


11:10 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1397 (Feedback): Game crash in "castle map"
Disclaimer: Please don't use the name of the castle in the text. FireFly received mail from the lawyers of that castl...


13:00 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1391: No reset for objective indicator upon auto-return
I'm basically 100% sure, that the problem is due to using the key-value pair `count`.
Goldrush is using `count` - `2...
12:34 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1391 (Fixed): No reset for objective indicator upon auto-return
I can reproduce this issue on Goldrush, but not on Radar.
When an Allied player steals the obj and self kills the ob...


12:45 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1390 (New): [OpenAL] Game crash on missing sound file
When OpenAL is selected, the game crashes without error when coming across a missing sound file.
This does not happ...


22:45 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1359 (New): cg_thirdperson on MG
When cg_thirdperson is enabled and you mount an mg the view gets weirdly glitched. It feels like a mix between third-...


17:25 ET: Legacy Development Revision 13c52dfe: misc: updated logo, refs #1259


13:38 ET: Legacy Development Task #1322 (Fixed): Increase r_displayrefresh limit
There currently is a limit of 200 for r_displayrefresh which doesn't make much sense for 240hz monitors.
@sensi_ fro...

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