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21:23 ET: Legacy Development Revision e34ced6c: fix tracks and river edge in fueldump


15:23 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1033: Dot product (alphablending) doesnt work in R2
some aditional info here, it does work with normal shader


20:49 ET: Legacy Development Revision 83e0e3af: R2: Fog : Making it more like R1
bringing in vertexshader for global fog, bringing shader backfog shader
to get colorInt and tcScale from, also qboole...


20:01 ET: Legacy Development Revision ddf3de20: Renderer2: Fog changes
bringing float all the way into glsl shader on quakefog, a bit more
expensive so if there are any complaint about lag...


16:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision aa518661: R2: added tcScale as it is still used by fog
16:10 ET: Legacy Development Revision 11e2d2da: R2: Use float instead of static vec for fog to make it more dynamic


21:07 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1058 (Confirmed): buildcubemaps command doesn't work
comand buildcubemaps, doesnt work


10:52 Lua scripts for the Legacy mod Bug #1040: lua script doesnt work on a no quarter legacy server
you've tried to put it inside nq folder?
also tried to put it where the executable of etl are?


17:22 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1045: Lower clouds speed
this has todo with tcgen scroll I guess Irata.. Not skybox directly


22:06 ModelTool Bug #1053: Abillity to rotate tags one by one
sounds great!

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