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15:36 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1217 (Fixed): Coverops animation with MP34 is wrong
Applied in changeset commit:3fbf7db205439ed0132d2777f1a5ee898b5c1ccd.
15:29 ET: Legacy Development Revision 3fbf7db2: misc: Fix MP34 animations (see pickup names of items in bg_misc.c) fixes
15:10 ET: Legacy Development Revision b0d5efdc: misc: remove duplicate entry in legacy.cfg
15:08 ET: Legacy Development Revision 01dd3ff0: misc: only 'reset' cvars in defaultpublic.config and no longer latch
these values. This has to be done after switching from comp- to public
conf! Setl should only be used in comp.configs...
14:28 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1216: Add setting to disable invulnerability
If there is no need to set the time (and I don't think there is) we can close this.
14:26 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1203: Random switching of weapons
We should restrict weapons and have real players on the server to test this issue. The behaviour when bots are connec...
14:18 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1218: MapVoting displays vote first in debriefing screen and breaks auto screenshot
I think if there is the common screen first many players wouldn't vote for a map because there is no hint about gamet...


15:56 ET: Legacy Development Task #1213: Use OpenAL as default sound engine
As far as I know you have to install additional software to make it work?
We might extend the installer to do this...


19:59 ET: Legacy Development Revision 3561e4b5: Update defaultpublic.config
19:57 ET: Legacy Development Revision f61da4e0: Update defaultpublic.config
misc: reset cvars which might be set (but no changed) when switching from comp to public configs

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