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Reported issues: 244


11:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision f35f11b0: renderer2: activate Tess_SurfaceFoliage refs #552
10:42 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1064 (New): r_ignoreGLErrors 0 shows issues on some maps
caught OpenGL error: GL_INVALID_ENUM in file src/renderer2/tr_shade.c line 446 which is finally caused by fog. glEna...
10:22 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0e8ab12d: renderer: fix c&p virus


23:45 ET: Legacy Development Revision f03440e3: renderer2: fix indent
23:08 ET: Legacy Development Revision 0ac8a137: renderer: dirty hack to ensure sky cubemap is created with proper
dimension refs #621


15:10 ET: Legacy Development Revision 5c57d070: renderer2: sky code clean up
14:55 ET: Legacy Development Revision 99baf1cb: renderer2: fix innerbox image loading refs #621
13:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #621: renderer2: Skybox issues on some maps
Some maps don't show proper sky textures. Looks like wrong dimensions are used. This might be related to tga textures...


10:00 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1063: \weaplastused issues
I see. You've bound all these commands - that's an important info :D
07:53 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1063: \weaplastused issues
Please specify exact issues and tell us which version of legacy mod you are using.
I did enter the command while d...

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