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22:55 ET: Legacy Development Task #1239: Reorganize /cg_drawCrosshair CVARs
I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea. The three cvars you are talking about clearly toggle the rendering of cert...


02:59 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1231: Unkown event: 67
Are you using same version binaries for cgame and qagame? You can view this in the console.


11:55 ET: Legacy Development Installation / Running ET:L: RE: How to use WolfAdmin
Yes, remove @luascripts/wolfadmin/main.lua@ from the @lua_modules@ cvar.
Just curious: why do you want to disable ...


22:28 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1216 (Invalid): Add setting to disable invulnerability
Currently I do not find any settings that allow server admins to disable the spawn invulnerability. Some mods allowed...


18:42 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1205 (New): Link screenshot command to JPEG
According to Spyhawk on Discord on 25/01/2019:
> And I still need to make @/screenshot@ command use jpeg by default,...
18:40 ET: Legacy Development Task #1204 (New): Remove follow1 and follow2
According to spyhawk on Discord on 02/02/2019:
> follow1 and follow2 teams are leftover from a Q3 broken feature. Re...
18:37 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1203 (Fixed): Random switching of weapons
When a player picks up ammo or a gun, sometimes the weapon is switched without the intention to do so. Haven't been a...
16:11 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1202 (Confirmed): Ammo sharing of medic and adrenaline syringe
16:11 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1202 (Fixed): Ammo sharing of medic and adrenaline syringe
Currently achieving level 4 First Aid skill creates a negative side-effect for medics. Once the adrenaline syringe be...


10:44 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1198: Add b_banners CVAR from etpro
Also, I'd like to quote this:
kemon wrote (Discord 05/02/2019 18:21):
> If there is currently banner spam in the ...

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