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17:53 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1362 (Fixed): riflenade dissapearing and not doing damage
see the video or demo


20:44 ET: Legacy Development Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons for cg_simpleItems
seeing weapons u cant use, can still be usefull gameinfo in competition


18:24 ET: Legacy Development Installation / Running ET:L: RE: How can I test 'demo_record <xx>' and 'demo_play <xx>' functiona...
demo_record command records server side demo which is a new feature of legacy server


22:38 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1286 (Fixed): entities appearing at wrong positions
playing on teammuppet server, it happens a lot that i see tracers appearing out of nowhere


19:22 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1282: Rework compass
i had the exact same idea when i was working on custom HUD
i think it should be done with using componentStyle::STYL...


00:10 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1269 (Fixed): cg_tracers 3 (show only others tracers)
Applied in changeset commit:d23ee876f3343e99f7833b5510daa998848457e5.
00:08 ET: Legacy Development Revision d23ee876: cgame: fixed cg_tracers 3, fixes #1269


16:29 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1269 (Fixed): cg_tracers 3 (show only others tracers)
cg_tracers 3 (show only others tracers) doesn't show any tracers
this patch seems to fix it, but i'm not sure, if it...
10:13 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1268 (New): cant use custom HUD on pure servers
game will load ui/huds.hud only from legacy pak on pure servers


13:54 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1249: Player icons are overlapped with object icons on the map

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