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14:12 ET: Legacy Development Revision 871fa50f: cgame: fix impact sound loading
* impact sound loading was falining on sdl backend
* obituaries and ft weapon icons were picmiped


22:06 ET: Legacy Development Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons for cg_simpleItems
Probably useful to tell other teammates about it, i guess.


18:57 ET: Legacy Development Revision 6facff06: client: add con_numNotifies cvar, refs #1258
Added con_numNotifies cvar to change number of drawable notifies.
Allows to draw up to 10 lines.
18:55 ET: Legacy Development Revision c3a39c9b: game: add g_scriptDebugTarget cvar
* added cvar to filter out script debug messages from other entities
g_scriptDebugTarget "scriptRoutineName" (works...
18:39 ET: Legacy Development Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons for cg_simpleItems
I would go with 1st option perhaps, since the idea of simple items is not to save frames, but to improve visibility a...
11:17 ET: Legacy Development Task #1297: use +attack instead of +weapalt for binoculars
I guess it's done so you could exit it the same way you are entering it (the binoc mode), since you can't make it to ...


21:33 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1296 (New): Tank bug
It's very rare bug, but still happens. Upon receiving specific damage amount, the tank becomes not escortable nor it ...
16:20 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1258: con_drawNotify not working as it should
* add ...


12:57 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1277 (New): Add flag to mark internal cvars
Some cvars are used internally by modules for communication between each other or engine, which are also displayed in...


10:20 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1270: ET Legacy crashes everytime its minimised
Depending on which mod you are using, you will find the log file and/or crashlog in *Documents/ETLegacy/legacy* path ...

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