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19:36 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1351: Flatpak of ET:Legacy
Unfortunately there is a bug that we still haven't figured out yet, that prevents 64 bit relea...


21:36 ET: Legacy Development Revision 6b638e6a: renderer: fix crash when main lod model is missing
In case lod models exist but main model is missing, R_ComputeLOD would
attempt to access null pointer which leads to ...


22:28 ET: Legacy Development Revision 3edb6369: cgame: revert commit 6b58d46
20:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision e52e4228: cgame: fix dead players waiting for revive didnt gib
20:30 ET: Legacy Development Revision 064b8781: cgame: make cg_gibs cvar functional


18:13 ET: Legacy Development Revision 25075d64: cgame: fix big popup fade effect
Was cycling fading effect for the cvar value duration,
if non-default cvar values were used.


23:00 ET: Legacy Development Revision 5f3c160e: game: clear es event sequence on respawn as well


14:27 ET: Legacy Development Revision b32a3f50: game: fix G_DrawEntBBox is always called
12:47 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1340: Low smoke performance
This also happens if you step in the smoke produced by the bullet impacts (eg. gibbing the player with smg). Or in th...


21:22 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1340 (New): Low smoke performance
See why smoke eats bunch of cpu time, specifically when you step into the smoke.

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