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17:27 ET: Legacy Development Revision f78ad575: cgame: fix a typo


18:40 ET: Legacy Development Revision 520608ed: game: fix incorrect console print


14:00 ET: Legacy Development Revision 6741d1c1: cgame: fix incorrect console print


13:05 ET: Legacy Development Bug #137: r_depthbits 32 -> render @ 0-1fps
Tested on Windows 7 x64 with a compiled version from git repository, the issue is still the same, 0 to 1fps when r_de...


14:27 ET: Legacy Development Bug #279 (Fixed): Check dialog box on Windows, Linux & MAC
When an error occurs while loading a mod, a dialog box should popup to inform of the failure.
Check if it works in E...


17:17 ET: Legacy Development Feature #278 (In Progress): Servers-side and per-client demo recording
Implement a per-user server-side demo recording feature.
Provide commands (start/stop) to qagame to allow demo recor...


16:53 ET: Legacy Development General discussion: RE: ETDED OSX
RaFaL wrote:
> I think answer is simple Mac OS wasn't suppose to run a server back in a day
You might be right, h...
15:02 ET: Legacy Development General discussion: RE: ETDED OSX
Yes, I'm talking about stock W:ET (2.60d on OSX)
14:32 ET: Legacy Development General discussion: ETDED OSX
Hello there,
Both linux and windows got 2 binaries: et and etded.
Does anyone know why there isn't an ETDED ver...
14:27 ET: Legacy Development Feature #74: OS X support - make ETL apple client mod compatible
Radegast wrote:
> user:boutetnico: could you upload ETRun mac server bins here or give us a link to them?
If you ...

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