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12:54 ET: Legacy Development Task #1255 (Invalid): Custom content download location
Recently I noticed I have low space on my primary drive. Bummer. That makes it a problem for ETL downloads going ther...


16:21 ET: Legacy Development Bugs, features, tweaks: RE: discord rich presence integration
On top of that Discord has crazy amount of useless features now. Soon to turn into much a game store than a Teamspeak...
16:19 ET: Legacy Development General discussion: RE: ETL: 2.76 (The enemy is weakened!) - Release?
Neither I can assume how much work goes in by only a handful of persons. The enemy is almost weakened, cheers for ano...


14:46 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1124 (New): [UI] Disable use of cyrillic symbols in chat (for now)
About to mention it on Discord but then I remembered we have a tracker! Okay so, simple idea like a temporary solutio...


17:09 ET: Legacy Development Task #1121 (In Progress): [UI Strings] Minor typo in Language Selection options
Under IR4T4's permission to open a ticket:
-Newest strings added to language selection screen have a typo in Swedi...


11:44 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1119: Skin/model issues on mods using custom material
IR4T4 wrote:
> I've noticed models/skins have issues on UJE server with ETL while vanilla seems fine.
Like what? ...


11:15 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1113 (New): Legacy UI: Able to scroll Credits
I am full of ideas in the UI department these past days. How about we have a scrolling option enabled on Credits page...


17:06 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1112 (New): Legacy UI, Limbo Menu: Text elements doesn't CenterPrint
Issue concerns mostly Limbo Menu from what I could investigate on a local server (no bots yet...). Class Names and th...


16:55 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1111: Improve console language support
IR4T4 wrote:
> In the end it's more a thingy about how we deal with messages we can't send to vanilla clients.


15:09 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1111: Improve console language support
Jacker wrote:
> I already added this a few years ago, but it was removed as it caused issues with vanilla clients wh...

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