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20:25 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1316 (Fixed): Add option to drop objective (documents, gold, parts etc.)
Might be an interesting feature to let players who took the objective to drop it and allow somebody else take it. It'...


00:18 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1295 (Fixed): Make spawn-protected players immune to pushing
ETPro has it. Seems logical.


18:38 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1282 (New): Rework compass
bq. The colours feature made me think a little bit more about compass usability and I started paying more attention t...


18:45 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1273 (Fixed): Add option to disable rifle grenades without disabling K-43 and M1 Garand
Important for 3on3 competitive config. Probably related to b_riflegrenades (1) and team_maxRiflegrenades (0) cvars fr...
17:47 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1272 (Fixed): Change default public and comp server config
Add to default public and comp server config:
- g_fixedphysics "1"
- g_fixedphysicsfps "125"
- g_antiwarp "1"


18:30 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1271 (New): Give each member of FT a color in scoreboard, on mini-map and command map
An interesting feature from CS:GO matchmaking. It consists of giving each player from your team a color (green, yello...


18:44 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1254 (Fixed): Airstrike and artillery per-minute limitations
Figure out how g_heavyweaponrestriction (etpro) cvar works regarding artillery and airstrikes limitations. It seems i...


02:53 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1251 (Confirmed): Blurred and pixelated hud icons with low picmip
Same issue as previously with rank icons, this time with new objective icons.


16:38 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1229 (Fixed): Disable invulnerability indicator when pressing TAB for enemy players
Now the invulnerability indicator (a shield icon) is visible to enemy players, which makes it really easy to figure ...


16:55 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1215 (Fixed): Implement cg_announcer and b_shovesounds CVARs
Add option to disable/enable "Fight!", "Allies/Axis wins!" announcer sounds and shove sounds.
Respective cvars fr...

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