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00:18 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1295 (Fixed): Make spawn-protected players immune to pushing
ETPro has it. Seems logical.


18:38 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1282 (New): Rework compass
bq. The colours feature made me think a little bit more about compass usability and I started paying more attention t...


18:45 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1273 (Fixed): Add option to disable rifle grenades without disabling K-43 and M1 Garand
Important for 3on3 competitive config. Probably related to b_riflegrenades (1) and team_maxRiflegrenades (0) cvars fr...
17:47 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1272 (Fixed): Change default public and comp server config
Add to default public and comp server config:
- g_fixedphysics "1"
- g_fixedphysicsfps "125"
- g_antiwarp "1"


18:30 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1271 (New): Give each member of FT a color in scoreboard, on mini-map and command map
An interesting feature from CS:GO matchmaking. It consists of giving each player from your team a color (green, yello...


18:44 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1254 (Feedback): Airstrike and artillery per-minute limitations
Figure out how g_heavyweaponrestriction (etpro) cvar works regarding artillery and airstrikes limitations. It seems i...


02:53 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1251 (Confirmed): Blurred and pixelated hud icons with low picmip
Same issue as previously with rank icons, this time with new objective icons.


16:38 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1229 (Fixed): Disable invulnerability indicator when pressing TAB for enemy players
Now the invulnerability indicator (a shield icon) is visible to enemy players, which makes it really easy to figure ...


16:55 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1215 (Fixed): Implement cg_announcer and b_shovesounds CVARs
Add option to disable/enable "Fight!", "Allies/Axis wins!" announcer sounds and shove sounds.
Respective cvars fr...


16:08 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1212 (New): Disable flying rifle grenade sound
Remove very annoying sound of rifle grenade flying next to/towards a player.
Hatcher wrote on Discord (19.02.2019)...

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