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11:45 ET: Legacy Development Bug #471: Can't switch the player you spectate when the current player is in reinforcement queue
Hey and long time no see!
I started to investigate this issue and have actually found the cause of it. But there a...


23:53 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1065 (Fixed): Weapon animations break when moving forward then going prone and altweap/relo...
How to reproduce:
1. Spawn as engineer with rifle, soldier with MG, covert op with sniper
2. Hold W to go forward...


16:43 ET: Legacy Development Bug #962: Covert op's weapon state doesn't reset while remote is equipped and issuing map_restart
{UPDATE} I tried to reproduce this on NQ but there it doesn't seem to be bugged.


17:17 ET: Legacy Development Revision bd6a66a0: cgame: fixes some instances where weaplastused/weapprevinbank/weapnextinbank w...
17:17 ET: Legacy Development Revision 27c082f8: cgame: fixed some cases where weapnextinbank and weapprevinbank were allowed &...


08:51 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1063: \weaplastused issues
Check the updated description.
I have been using the latest build from master.
I will update the description later ...
06:25 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1024: Sniper zoom is available even sniper isn't equipped
The commit fixed the issue partially. Now the only issue here remains is that you can scope before the switch animati...
02:08 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1063 (Fixed): \weaplastused issues
Like in #534, under certain circumstances you are able to use this command even it shouldn't be possible.
List of ...
02:08 ET: Legacy Development Bug #534: \weapnextinbank and \weapprevbank issues
I have left quite of a mess into this ticket but currently I have been working on this one, same as "weaplastused". I...


11:10 ET: Legacy Development Bug #874: Scoping after throwing a smoke grenade
This is actually a dublicate. See #1024 with better description.

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