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22:35 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1366 (Can't reproduce): Pending server commands cause crash
once server was full, g_inactivty = '60' server crashed with lines in log file below:
50820850 Userinfo: \cg_uinfo\1...


17:21 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1365 (Fixed): UTF-8 encoding problem
when some players with special chars in nickname saying something on the main chat, then we getting this errors below...


21:56 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1356 (New): Client download is not redirected (when minimized)
Reported by MrMuppet @ TeamMuppet:
Just noticed on the Legacy server, if you minimise your clinet and have not got...
21:50 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1355 (Fixed): Allies winning all the maps (v2.76-595-g6dbde6c)
Allies winning all the maps - it's not related to goals they done even if axis should be a winners.


15:20 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1308 (New): Ability to cancel vote in progress (via api call?)
Current version of wolfadmin cannot cancel any vote in progress. Timo told me that it's because of current code, that...

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