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09:22 ET: Legacy Development Task #1374 (New): Packaging request: Help compile glew for 32bit
Hey everybody,
In an attempt to package ET:Legacy for Flathub, I've run into an issue. To provide the best experie...


10:35 ET: Legacy Development Feature #1352 (New): Upstream metainfo
Metainfo.xml is a tagging and meta data system for Linux. It features a description, screenshots, age ratings, and mo...


21:33 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1351: Flatpak of ET:Legacy
ryven wrote:
> Unfortunately there is a bug that we still haven't figured out yet, that pre...
17:27 ET: Legacy Development Bug #1351 (Fixed): Flatpak of ET:Legacy
Over at Flathub.org, there is a small project going on to get all classic Id titles packaged for Flatpak. Multiple Do...

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