ET:Legacy Libs Changelog

This page used for tracking libraries versions used for the official static version.
- indicates up to date status
- indicates update required status
- indicates blocked status

The libraries are either stored in the externally in the etlegacy-libs repository, or internally next to the main source code depending on the availability of these libs.

Library Component Location Version Status/Notes Link
cURL Engine External 7.61.0 Needs to be adjusted
OpenSSL Engine External (Optional) 1.1.0h TBD
FreeType2 Engine External 2.9.1 Needs to be adjusted
GLEW Engine External 2.1.0
SDL2 Engine External 2.0.8
ZLib Engine External 1.2.11
minizip Engine External 1.1
libjpeg-turbo Engine External 1.5.3 Needs to be adjusted "
libogg Engine External 1.3.3
libvorbis Engine External 1.3.6
libtheora Engine External 1.1.1
OpenAL Engine External 1.18.2
SQLite Engine External 3.24.0
tinygettext Engine Internal git commit 93ceb74, minus C++11 features. See #914
Lua Mod External 5.3.5 Needs to be adjusted
LuaSQL Mod Internal git commit 5e65ae4. Needs to be adjusted
Omni-bot Mod External 0.86 Needs to be adjusted
Update installer md5 (stable)